All you need is good books & doughnuts

If you live in the North East and you have never tried Proven Goods Co handmade doughnuts – you’ve never lived, my friend, or that’s what they say these days if you don’t go with the flow! It’s the new must-have in town and yes I shamefully hurried my boyfriend to finish his early dinner (how dare me!) because a little girl inside me had to go to Fenwick Food Hall before everyone else got there to buy one of those bad boy doughnuts everyone is talking about.

It was the first time I have ever queued for doughnuts & no, we were not the first ones out there as you’ve probably guessed already. My boyfriend was shaking his head not understanding what’s so special about them and I was utterly happy to finally have a go at it myself. They must be good, right, otherwise, what all the fuss is about?

I picked four different flavours that I was keen to try & demolished them all by myself. Yup, cheeks filled with yummy creams and mouth covered in sugar powder but hey – balance is key, you know. So I chose Strawberry & Cream, Gin & Tonic, Bellini and their famous Chocolate & Rose doughnuts. The latter is the queen of Instagram. Everyone wants one because it looks good with a filter on it, however, I liked it the least. Maybe because it was missing a filling and I am a cream filled doughnut kinda girl. But dear oh dear how much I loved the Bellini one…maybe it’s because me & Prosecco are tight? My boyfriend tends to make a joke that I could live on it if I had to. The cream was light, fluffy and tickled my taste buds just the right way. Gin & Tonic was a little too strong for my liking and it didn’t win my heart…  but Strawberry & Cream – another definite winner of the night with tiny pieces of fresh strawberries mixed into the cream that once again did not disappoint.

So if you are still thinking to try it – do it. They might not all be your cup of tea but I believe that guys at Proven Goods did it on purpose – to make every customer happy finding their perfect doughnut. Even if it’s one out of all of them, if it’s a good one, one is enough.

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