Interalpen-Hotel Tirol | Telfs, Austria

On a memory trip to December 2016 when I took my beloved boyfriend to Austria for his “SURPRISE” (make sure you put that special voice tone in use when you read it) birthday. He did not know anything about it until the very last minute & my surprise was even more real because the hotel that we stayed at arranged us a limousine transfer from the train station on the borderline of Germany-Austria (they offer complimentary transfers from a variety of train stations & airports), so all he knew was the name of the station. He googled it the day before our trip desperate to find out where we are going but the station was in the middle of nowhere and there was no chance I would have spoiled the surprise and wasted all that effort I put into it.Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetThe surprise hotel we were taken to was a luxurious Interalpen-Hotel Tirol in Telfs, Austria that I can not praise enough. If you read this – guys, you absolutely ROCK. Interalpen-Hotel is a 5 star spa hotel in the Austrian alps and they are part of the Leading Hotels of the World list which is one of the largest luxury hotel collections in the world. To be considered for inclusion, “a hotel must be in the luxury category and meet the most exacting standards with respect to accommodations, service, cuisine, employee behaviour and facilities – in short – all aspects affecting guest comfort, convenience and mood.” You expect a lot from a place like this, right? It exceeded all our expectations for sure and I can’t find one bad thing to say about it because it was PERFECT and yes I know that someone will murmur that nothing is perfect in this world but it’s the closest to perfect you will ever be able to get!PG280039-86DA8CEC-ED35-4AD9-970C-FDD16DCA3081As it was my boyfriend’s birthday, they went that extra mile and made it super special for both of us. Every single staff member in the building knew it was my partner’s birthday. Yep, they embarrassed him all day long shaking hands, congratulating him, offering snacks, drinks and what not! He kept pretending it was annoying him but deep inside he felt loved and important… and he remembers it with a smile every time we talk about it!70E70B14-49F9-4452-92B4-2AE5C46F0BBAWe stayed in a beautiful studio premium room which might sound posh but that is as down-to-earth as you will get in this hotel. All rooms at Interalpen-Hotel are incredibly spacious with large balconies, traditional Austrian styling and some of them have a beautiful view to the Alps, like ours. Our room was equipped with all essentials you would need for a stay over and more. We had a bed, a shower with a radio that we fully utilised while getting ready for dinner and an additional seating area. Another beautiful gesture from the hotel – as soon as we walked into our room, we were welcomed by a greeting card, Kevin’s birthday card & a birthday cake. All organised and done by the hotel with no charges or any cooperation from my side – that’s what the hotel does to all their guests celebrating their birthday. Amazing, right?10AAAA14-2F93-4E38-B507-DC44C46CC9C1If you stay at this hotel, you pay for Half Board and the fee includes your room (obviously), incredible spa area, breakfast and 6 course à la carte dinner. It is not cheap and dinner might not be to everyone’s liking as they serve fine dining but it’s definitely an experience you should enjoy once in a lifetime. I could back up the breakfast though with so much choice I did end up eating a whole lot, starting with a healthy choice of eggs, homemade yogurts and finishing off with freshly baked danish pastries.

As we stayed there for one night only, we decided to stay onsite and see what the hotel has to offer and it has so much… they even have their own daily newspaper for that! The hotel has got a restaurant, a dessert cafe, a bar, a fitness centre, an already mentioned Spa area, a tennis resort, skiing classes, shopping services (yes, shopping inside the hotel!), an interactive golf screen and a lot more that I don’t want to bore you off with going on and on.A37BFF8C-95FF-44DD-91FA-6F9B1B650BAA1D7F980B-ED5A-4201-80A8-E257A238233A339F400B-C2CE-411F-94F4-15545464FB31B9F2E255-3663-457B-8852-F82862A98DA1We chose spa over everything and got changed into swimsuits to spend our time relaxing before dinner. In every room you can find a beach bag, bathrobes and slippers that you can use to go downstairs to the spa area. You can also purchase a bag if you wish to keep it as a memory or for your future trips to the beach! It was a great idea as we wanted to take a few magazines with us, as well as phones & iPads so we put everything into the bag and got down. The spa has got indoor & outdoor pools, as well as a great choice of saunas – one side for those who wish to use it with swimwear on and other side for nudists. They also have private treatments you can book in advance and lovely poor bar for refreshments. We did go back to the spa the next morning as well before our checkout and sat in the pool outside watching mountains – the greatest pleasure in life.C9A4DBFA-4D10-4977-8A76-E12A48851C647B464C17-3E84-4955-87E0-E308964046E6EFD1C1BC-16DE-4A3B-ACC8-9904CF8CB973When you go for dinner, you do have to follow hotel’s dress code to look smart and it makes it even more special when everyone’s putting some effort in. Restaurant looks incredible and we were lucky to get one of the best tables with a view to the mountains because it is my boyfriend’s birthday. Our table was specially set up for the occasion and first drinks were on the house. 6 course dinner was a great experience with some yays and nays due to our different taste palettes and love for simple comfort food but we did enjoy it overall and I will remember in the future that fennel soup is simply not my cup of tea.A1C9212F-C68E-4144-A1D4-E6A189843DA6F2540BC3-3561-4723-BCFD-6E54C3221DBCSome time has passed since the day we visited the Interalpen-Hotel Tirol but the other day we opened our postbox and there it was – a brand new Interalpen-hotel Magazine sharing their latest news and what’s to come in 2017/2018. I was pleasantly surprised they bothered to send it all the way to the UK and read it with pleasure. They truly know how to make things special.B267FD02-6B49-413C-90F9-B9A08F820EF2If you would like to find out more about my travels, please don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook !