Newcastle in the Sky | Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Stunning views. Jelly legs. Sophisticated cocktails. Great company. Newcastle, you are so pretty in the sky.Events in the Sky are back to Newcastle’s iconic Quayside with their extraordinary experiences and this time it is bigger and better than ever before. I have never personally experienced dinning in the sky or knew much about it but as a frequent traveller I have seen these events happening all around the globe from my native Lithuania to stunning Dubai, London and now Newcastle. As someone who’s got a secret passion to seize the moment from above wherever I go, I could not miss an opportunity to do it in the city I currently call home!Events in the Sky is part of a bigger Dinner in the Sky Group and it has got partners in 50 countries worldwide who are also mad enough to have a slightly different dinner experience with their feet dangling above the city. I still can’t believe I was one of them, sipping my cocktails and swinging (if you can call my slow moves to the left as swinging) in the chair 100 feet above the ground like it’s not a big deal.The concept of this pop-up restaurant that picks you up in the air is to create unique, once in a lifetime experiences and it certainly does the job. The table gets picked up with a mobile crane and creates a stable platform. Halfway through the event, platform spins, therefore, you get to see a great 360 view of everything around you. I was pleasantly surprised how firm the table was and not once I was worried that any of my belongings will fall down. There’s enough space for 22 guests with a head chef, sommelier, waiting team or bartenders on board, depending which experience you choose to go for, who are serving food or drinks from the pop-up kitchen in the centre of the platform. As I have chosen to experience Cocktails in the sky, we were looked after by a great bunch of people from the city’s contemporary style cocktail bar Livello who definitely knew their craic. As someone living on the Quayside, I tend to visit Livello on a regular basis, however, this time the experience was totally different, as you can imagine, trying the best of Livello in the nightsky.My first drink was a Watermelon Twist. A very refreshing cocktail made with fresh watermelon, Midori, Kwai Feh & Chambord. As someone who is deeply in love with all watermelon everything, I truly enjoyed the drink and it is exactly the cocktail I would be ordering on a night out. There’s a nice touch of fresh watermelon on top of the cocktail too.My second cocktail was the bartender’s recommended Strawberry Swirl, made with fresh strawberries, cucumber, Haymans Sloe Gin, apple juice and a hint of elderflower. I am not a big fan of gin and you will never find me sipping gin & tonic in the club, however, this cocktail was beautiful! The gin was so delicate I could barely taste it and that was a plus for me. Refreshing cocktails are always my cup of tea, so I was keen to see how gin works whilst being mixed with strawberries and apple juice, and it was truly fresh, vibrant and fit for a king (or in my case, a queen).The pop-up dinner in the sky event will be around until the 29th of August so make sure to check it out! It’s open to the public and you can get a variety of tickets on their website here. Depending on how long you think you can handle being up in the sky, you can choose from a healthy breakfast, a three course lunch, a classy champagne afternoon tea or REDS BBQ meats as well as a four course dinner or sophisticated cocktails in the beautiful night setting. The menus during the whole 9 days are impressive too with the best restaurants and bars, such as Browns, SIX, Aveika, Hawthorns, Chaophraya, Artisan, La Yuan, The Vermont Hotel, REDS, Livello, The Gin Bar, up for a challenge.Is it safe? They say safety is their top priority and every guest is fastened into their seats before the table starts to rise. I am not going to lie to you, the fact that the sky tables were made under the quality control of TÜV Rheinland made me feel slightly relieved. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, TÜV Rheinland provides inspection and product certification services and you know how strict Germans are… so that reassured me that we are in good hands. Vielen Dank, Deutschland!Even though my legs were like jelly and at some point I didn’t know anymore if I even wanted a cocktail, the whole experience was a fabulous challenge to myself and another great adventure ticked off my bucket list. Newcastle in the sky is a great opportunity to see the city from another angle and a great test of your own fearlessness which is certainly challenged once you are at the height of 100ft. A few tips if you are a little bit scared, try to swing in the chair before you go up – it will help you understand how the chair works, how fast it moves to the sides and how far it can go all together. I believe that would have helped me psychologically if I tried it before going up. Also, look down. I know that a lot of people say you will be alright if you don’t look down but to me, personally, it was easier to sit in that chair after I looked down as it didn’t look as high as I thought it would be. No matter what you do, don’t forget to enjoy the experience because as soon as you will realise how great Newcastle in the sky is, it will be time to go back down. So make the most of it!I would like to say a big thank you to Newcastle in the Sky for inviting me to experience this adventure. Also, a thank you for the best company that night goes to a lovely blogger Tamzin & you can find her blog here.

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