Dear Ryanair, I really like flying with you | Low-cost Airlines

I bet you expected a declaration of how poor Ryanair’s service is or maybe an infuriation to the stupid company’s rules but I actually like flying with Ryanair and let me explain to you why. People all together are quicker to complain than praise something. We would be more likely to shout out loud if something was not very pleasant than applaud someone for doing it right. The flight was delayed, the staff member had a moody attitude, the music didn’t play in the aircraft, foolish music was played during the landing, raffles, duty-free sales… What else?

Low-cost airlines are one of those companies that get the biggest punch in the face and constantly get the blame for a lot of different issues that sometimes might not even be their fault. I had more delays with KLM than any other low-cost airline and paid for an overweight luggage to Lufthansa without rating them with a painful 1 star review or “how dare you, Lufthansa?” attitude. Until recently I never stepped inside a budget aircraft. I was scared that it is not safe, it’s cheap and basically as scary as everyone portrays it to be on the world wide web. If I’d believed every single negative review on the Ryanair’s Facebook account, I would have never used this company and would have missed a great deal to see more for less and to travel more frequently.

Prior to Ryanair, I used to frequently fly with more expensive airlines, such as Lufthansa, AirFrance, KLM, Singapore Airlines and would get all that expensive glamour that comes in a shape of a meal and a snack for your 2 hours flight as well as free drinks of your choice (beer galore for some). If you go for Singapore Airlines, you get all of that plus an entertaining system showing you the latest movies, TV shows & games… something you could imagine yourself benefiting from on a long-haul trip but is it really necessary on a short European flight? A flight that will probably last shorter than a train journey from Newcastle to Manchester, surely I can survive without all that jazz? Especially, when my flight costs me less than a train ticket!People tend to complain about strict luggage rules, cheap looking interior, extra charges if you don’t check-in online and so on. But would you expect Mercedes-Benz standards if you took a local bus that you paid a significantly lower amount for? Exactly! I can bravely say that my last 3 trips to Germany cost me the exact same amount of money as a single trip with Lufthansa beforehand. So without further ado, let’s talk how to make your trip with Ryanair more pleasant:

1.Stop complaining and avoid making lazy mistakes

Checking-in online before your flight is quick and simple. Ryanair gives you 4 days to do it and don’t forget your boarding pass because you will be charged extra for an additional copy at the airport but why would you want to waste your time queuing for it anyway? I take online check-in as a great time saver and I’d rather enjoy a lovely holiday beverage prior to departure. Unless you have check-in luggage, you can go straight through security, how brilliant is that?

2. Check airline’s luggage allowances before you pack your luggage

That’s not a big thing to ask, is it? Every single airline I know has got their own luggage restrictions so don’t be that someone who complains because another airline offers a better allowance. Work around it and if those extra grams or inches are a problem then choose another airline, simple as that. I notice that hand luggage issues are one of the biggest problems between Ryanair customers and very often they say the company’s hand luggage measurements are not standard, therefore, they cannot find the right one. I always travel with my Samsonite Uplite Cabin Luggage and the measurements are identical to the Ryanair requirements so that’s clearly not mission impossible.3. Bring your own food on-board

If you are travelling and for some reason you’re craving food, bring some snacks with you on-board. Yes, Ryanair does not provide free food or drinks like some more expensive airlines but who wants a tiny but very average sandwich or cheese crackers on the plane anyway? I always tend to bring my own food or drinks if I am hungry no matter which airline I fly with, whether I would be following a healthy diet or wanting to truly treat myself because it’s my holiday. If you drive somewhere for 2 hours, surely you don’t just get hungry that you can’t wait any longer? I remember when my mum used to tell me that only kids cannot wait until their next meal and that meal after you land will be much more appreciated if you are willing to wait!

4. You can always say NO

Another point that people usually bring forward about Ryanair is that is sells a lot of things during the flight, such as food, drinks, duty free products or even scratch cards. Now I never understood what the problem is with that? Having that option to get something is always better than not having any options at all. I’ve seen a lot of people spend their money whilst on-board and good for them as they are on holiday! As for the rest of us, if we don’t want anything, all we have to do is say “no, thank you”. I’ve never seen anyone being pestered about it.After a few years of travelling with Ryanair, I can tell you I’m no longer afraid to fly with them. I have never had a flight delayed and always felt like my travel was smooth and pleasant. I don’t expect much when I pay £20-£30 for a flight but last time we landed 50 minutes earlier than the flight was scheduled to land so surely that’s superpower?

So pack your bag, grab a friend, a credit card & go explore the world! There’s places to go, people to meet, things to do and sights to see.If you would like to find out more about my travels, please don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook !