Swarovski Crystal Worlds | Wattens, Austria

Welcome to  a world of fantasy.

A  fairytale world of crystal, sparkle and glitter.

A place where we believe in miracles for just a minute.

Who doesn’t know Swarovski jewellery today? Sophisticated, glamorous and timeless crystal jewellery is one of the most popular gift choices on Valentine’s Day and it is on many girls’ Christmas wishlist every year but did you know that it actually comes from the mystical mountains of Tyrol?The initiator of Swarovski, Daniel Swarovski was born in Czech Republic and spent his young days as an apprentice in his father’s small glass factory. In 1892 he patented an electric cutting machine that simplified crystal glass production and that’s when we could say Swarovski culture took its first steps. A few years later, in 1895, Daniel Swarovski, financier Armand Kosman and Franz Weis created the Swarovski company. They also established a crystal-cutting factory in Wattens, Tyrol with an idea to make crystals affordable for everyone.

In 1995, as a celebration of Swarovski’s 100th anniversary, the company decided to open a crystal-themed museum at its original site in Wattens (about twenty minutes outside of Innsbruck), called Swarovski Kristallwelten, or the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in English. A multimedia artist Andre Heller was commissioned to design the museum with sixteen chambers inside.The Swarovski Crystal Worlds centrepiece is a grass-covered head of a giant, spewing water like a fountain and guarding the entrance to the museum where the craftsmanship of the world famous Swarovski company is celebrated. Heller created the story of a Giant “who set out to experience the world and all of its treasure and wonders. With this knowledge, the Giant settled down in Wattens/Tyrol, where he has watched over his Chamber of Wonder ever since.” The principle of the Chambers of Wonder inside the museum is based on the historical chamber of art and curiosities at the Ambras Castle in Innsbruck where Ferdinand II attempted to assemble a collection of all knowledge known at the time.The museum showcases exhibitions related to crystals and represents this premium material at its highest without filling you with unnecessary information of how it’s been made or produced. Therefore, both children and adults will be amused and excited to explore! There’s a lot of sparkle and a lot of surprises. The museum is now a home to a magnificent collection of sculptures, breathtaking installations and musical pieces. All installations have got not only a visual concept but philosophical and even mythological themes. The Swarovski Crystal Worlds is an experiential journey of a crystal in various shapes, roles and structures.Internationally known artists, architects and designers have been given an opportunity to interpret crystal in their own ways and that’s how 16 rooms were born. The chambers combine light, sound and modern art to portray the experience. In one room you can actually see the Taj Mahal, the Empire State Building and an Egyptian pyramid made out of crystals. In another chamber, the fashion designer Alexander McQueen left a stunning looking tree made out of thousands of Swarovski crystals and polished steel branches.The Swarovski Crystal Worlds has also got the biggest Swarovski shop in the world. You can purchase any Swarovski product that exists here and even find the more exclusive collections, such as Karl Lagerfeld and Swarovski collaboration which is sold exclusively at the Swarovski museum only.But there’s beauty everywhere, not only inside the museum, the outside gardens are just as mesmerising as what you will see inside. The garden area continues the contemporary art theme with a playground, labyrinth in a shape of a hand as well as various crystal installations.  Make sure to make some time for a wander around and immerse with beautiful views of the Austrian Alps. In 2015, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds have had a large expansion. The new garden now has the Crystal Cloud that simply floats above a black Mirror Pool which is decorated with 800,000 hand-mounted Swarovski crystals.

Today the Swarovski Crystal Worlds is one of the most visited attractions of Tyrol and the sparkliest place on this earth, I dare to say. The tiny town of Wattens has welcomed more than 10 million visitors since the opening of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. No matter how much you travel across the world, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds will surprise you and amuse you with its hidden labyrinths of crystals and sparkle (lots of sparkle). I truly believe that the museum is a great place to bring your family as there’s plenty to do for both kids and grown-ups alike. There’s a lot of magical art installations that would spur your children’s imagination as well as yours. Furthermore, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds celebrates Family days with a lot of fun and attractions. On top of that, every year the museum gets new exhibitions to keep challenging people’s imaginations no matter how many times they’ve visited it.If you choose to visit the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, don’t miss a great opportunity to visit the charming looking Innsbruck which is the capital of Tyrol. If you travel to Innsbruck, you can easily get to the museum with a shuttle bus that runs regularly between the centre of Innsbruck and the Swarovski Crystal Worlds.If you would like to find out more about my travels, please don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook !