Di Tutto Punto, Airbnb | Verona, Italy

I’m a true believer in balance. A balance between 5 star hotels and local accommodation experiences. Sometimes I am the biggest fan of luxurious hotels with daily breakfast, great customer service & someone who can answer all my questions here and now. Other times, I wish to immerse with local cultures and truly experience it like a local.

When we went on an adventure to Italy, I knew it has to be a traditional Italian place that we stay at. Polished hotel floors, king-size beds and international breakfast buffets were not going to cut it this time as I’m a big fan of Italian culture. I love loud and passionate conversations in the morning outside of their apartments, old-school window shutters, next door shops and bakeries with freshly baked pastries… Therefore, I booked an Airbnb apartment for our stay in Verona before I even discussed this with my boyfriend. It’s perfect and he will love it, I said it to myself & I was right!

Our beautiful apartment called Di Tutto Punto was located in central Verona, a few minutes away from the city buzz but in the middle of local pubs, fruit markets and everything you’d expect during your Italian adventure. Belissimo! The apartment is not far away from a train station (you could either walk there within about 20 minutes or take a bus that stops right outside the apartment) and it is just over the river from the Arena and all things you want to see in Verona. Our favourite restaurants were within a 15 minute walk, as well as Giulietta’s house or the famous Arena. And if you stay on the same side of the river and walk down the road, you will reach the Roman Theatre that has some breathtaking panoramic views over Verona. (You have to go there!)So what’s so special about Di Tutto Punto? Well, what caught my eye whilst searching a very competitive Airbnb website is that the whole apartment is white. And when I say white, I mean all white everything. Tables, lights, chairs, sofas, our bed, bathroom, kitchen… everything was so impeccable and somehow shouted Italian to me. I am not going to lie that I had a moment of worry thinking that it might not look as good as it is in pictures but I am glad I was worrying over nothing – the apartment is stunning in real life too! And if sometimes I think white might not be too practical at home, I will always jump at the opportunity to enjoy this pleasure whilst on holiday. Especially, when you are in Italy in the middle of a beautiful summer…Di Tutto Punto looked very spacious, bright, cosy and, most importantly, it had everything we needed, including a few bottles of cold water in the fridge. Thanks for that, Isabella! As we were really hot and thirsty…and all Italian shops were closed between 1 and 4 pm for ‘The Italian Siesta’, she was a life saver.

Another thing I want to mention is that the whole apartment had an amazing air-conditioning. Whilst I was looking for a place to stay in Verona, I noticed many people complaining that very often places do not have air conditioning or have a bad one and you can imagine how much it affects your stay and, most importantly, your sleep when it is 35 or more degrees outside! We were able to hide from that heat during the peak hours at the apartment and enjoy our lunch with pleasure.As we were welcomed in our flat, we were also given a beautiful (white, of course) Isabella’s book with her personal recommendations in Verona. What to see, where to eat or drink… but what I liked about it the most is that she came up with suggestions for different type of travellers. There were suggestions for budget travellers, families or those who wanted to have a fine dinning experience. It allowed us to concentrate on what we wanted to see more instead of worrying how to find a good place for dinner without getting into a ‘tourist trap’. Moreover, there’s a lot of flyers, books and brochures of things to do and see in Verona in a cupboard next to the table, including bus and train timetables if you wish to take a trip to Lake Garda or Venice. All information was incredibly useful and I even carried their Verona tourist guide in my bag while we stayed there to look at things we could do while we were having a sit down or a rest break.Now Di Tutto Punto might not be the cheapest Airbnb in Verona but that was never my goal. I wanted to experience Verona like a local and wanted a place that was fairly central, traditional & stylish. However, the quality that we got at the apartment met all our expectations and we felt that every penny spent on this place was totally worth it. That much that if I ever visit Verona again, there’s no place I’d rather be!If you’re planning a trip to Verona and feel like it’s up your street too, you can find the apartment on Airbnb called Di Tutto Punto, or check the link here. Isabella is a superb host and she answered all my questions and worries while I was planning my travels in the UK, including where to get my tickets or catch a correct bus. So don’t hesitate to talk to her!Have you ever stayed at the Airbnb apartments? Share your experiences with me! This was my first Airbnb stay and I absolutely loved it. I always do a thorough research – reading reviews as well as checking out the location to make sure it will meet my needs and expectations.If you would like to find out more about my travels, please don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook !