10 Movies That Will Change Your Travel Plans

I always find that movies and books are greatest inspirations for your future travels. They are able to introduce you to new cultures and countries without you having to step out of your room. So once you land in a new country, you feel like you’ve been here before. From spiritual trips to life-changing travel stories, travel movies are my secret safe haven when I need time to think, prepare and pack for another trip someplace beautiful. Don’t think you found that passion for travelling yet? These movies will show you what we, travellers, love about the adventure and why you should pack your luggage and travel at least once in your lifetime too.

1/ The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: India

I would be brave enough to say that this movie planted a big interest about India inside of me. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is a British comedy-drama which focuses on a group of British pensioners moving to a retirement hotel in India. Some of them are excited to be there, some of them – full of preconceptions and worries.  This movie made me realise how despite our cultural differences and upbringings, we are all humans, we all have feelings and once we try to be nice to each other, life falls into places.

The movie showcases India in a different light. The country looks so peaceful, despite its struggles, and everyone is simply grateful for what they have, regardless how little they have. If you every wanted to know more about India or you have never thought about it at all, watch it, you might be surprised how great this country and its people are.

2/ Eat, Pray, Love: Italy, India & Indonesia

I truly believe that we all have those Liz Gilbert moments in life. Those moments when you think you have got it all but all you have got is still not enough. After years of marriage, a successful job and daily routine, Liz realises this is not a life she wants to be living for the rest of her time on earth. So she packs her bag and plans a spontaneous trip to Italy, India & Bali. Because if not now, then when? During her travels, she discovers different cultures, people, the power of prayer and inner peace. Together with her all new discoveries, she founds her own self too and what she’s been missing all along.

3/ Letters to Juliet: Verona, Italy

My secret love for Verona started once I’d seen Letters to Juliet. Then, when our trip to Verona was confirmed, I watched it again to remind myself what I loved about it first of all. The movie tells a story of an American girl who travels to Italy with her chef boyfriend and finds a very old but unanswered letter to Juliet. She joins the secretaries of Juliet and goes on a journey to help a woman find the man that she was looking for back in the day.

Letters to Juliet showcases the best of Italian culture – gorgeous streets, delicious food, vineyards and what not.

4/ The Terminal:  New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, USA

Imagine being stuck at the airport because whilst you were travelling from your home country to the USA, your country collapsed. Well that’s exactly what happened to Victor Novarski when he landed at JFK airport. With no English skills and a passport of a country that does not exist, Victor has to stay inside the New York’s airport and he manages to make the airport his home and make friendships with people who work there.

The movie is partially inspired by a real story of Mehran Karimi Nasseri, an Iranian refugee who lived in the departure lounge of Terminal One in Charles de Gaulle Airport from 1988 until 2006. And if there’s one person who can impersonate the character that well, it’s Tom Hanks.

5/ Into the wild: North America

Into the wild is probably one of the greatest travel movies ever made, regardless if you agree with Christopher’s decisions or not. The movie is actually based on a true story of an Emory University graduate Christopher McCandless who decided to leave all his possessions, donate most of his savings to charity and hitchhike to Alaska. On his own, with little equipment and just as little experience. Along the way, Chris learns a lot about himself and his life. He decides to challenge himself by living in an abounded bus for 100 days by just using surrounding lands and he manages to live just past 100 days…

Live before you die, he said, and how many of us actually do that instead of just simply existing?

6/ A Good Year: South of France

A Good Year is a British-American comedy-drama based on a story of a London banker who inherited a chateau & vineyard from his uncle in Provence, France. Despite his childhood memories, he goes to France wanting to sell the property, however, a few days in Provence brings a lot of memories including a beautiful young American woman who happens to be uncle’s illegitimate daughter.

I’ve seen this movie many times and with every time I fell in love with South of France more and its gorgeous vineyards. If there’s one place I’d like to be when I’m old, it’s Provence. Their attitude towards life and positivity mesmerises and inspires me.

7/ The Tourist: Venice, Italy

The Tourist is not one of those movies I would highly recommend because of its great plot but you cannot ignore the beauty of Venice showcased throughout the movie. Angelina Jolie & Johny Depp get lost in Venice, including Venice’s canals, gorgeous Hotel Danieli and Piazzo San Marco.

I’ve seen this movie way before I found out we are going to Venice and I am keen to give it a go once again and compare places I have been to myself with those Venice landscapes showed in the movie.

8/ Paris Can Wait: South of France

Paris Can Wait somehow reminded me of Eat. Pray. Love a little. The main character of the movie named Anne had her perfect life with a successful husband, great trips but not enough surprised and carefree adventures. During one of those business trips, she meets a business associate of her husband who takes Anne on a two day adventure visiting best local places, tasting local food and wine. The trip has many route changes and that unpredictable adventure makes Anne excited about it.

9/ Before Sunrise: Vienna, Austria

Before Sunrise is one of those travel movies about an international couple who accidentally meet each other on a train, something clicks & they decide to change their plans. That’s exactly what Jesse & Celine did on the train from Budapest to Vienna. An american tourist Jesse talked his new friend Celine who is a French student to spend the day with him in Vienna, and guess what? She agreed! Are they crazy? Maybe a little but it’s exactly an adventure I’d like to take if I was on that train!

Movie is enriched by gorgeous views from the Austrian capital and a beautiful international friendship. We only live once, so why don’t we be a bit spontanic?

10/ Vicky Cristina Barcelona: Barcelona, Spain

Now a Woody Allen movie is never a cheesy or a simply one, it’s usually tad weird and confusing but despite it all, Vicky Cristina Barcelona showcases Barcelona in its best and true colours. It showcases Spanish people with their emotional and passionate characters. Don’t we all wish to be Spanish for at least a day, sipping Sangria, overindulging on tapas and enjoying the best of the Mediterranean?

Barcelona is one of those only few places I have returned to a few times as its culture, people, food meets my inner spirit. Therefore, I watched this movie before my first trip to the Catalonian capital and after I experienced it all. Every time I watch it, it still looks as good as it truly is… and Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem make everything that little bit better.

Do you like watching travel movies? Share your favourites with me in the comment box below – I’d like to hear your top 10. Maybe there’s something I have not yet seen but would love to do it!If you would like to find out more about my travels, please don’t hesitate to follow me on InstagramTwitterFacebook !